Complex Scopes

We are pleased that we are able to offer you services dealing with some of the toughest scopes. We pull permits, meet with HOA leaders to discuss and correct covenant violations, and even build roads!

A MN Property that is no longer condemned but now sellable!

Dream Team GC Saves the Day…I mean HOUSE!

Echo Press Alexandria MN News -June 22, 2015


City Attorney Tom Jacobson updated the city about a house at 707 Seventh Avenue East that was deemed to be hazardous and was about to be torn down by the city.

After the owner failed to fix up the property, the bank foreclosed on it and agreed to make the repairs.

The property has now been rehabilitated and meets the city’s building codes, Jacobson said.

Broker/Owner of Tree House Realty, Bridget Schmidt…. Comments, “Juan you have made a condemned property into a sellable house. What Dream Team has done here is absolutely amazing!”

  • Permit Pulling

  • City Violations

  • HOA Violations

  • Home Redesigns

  • Home Demolition

  • Road Build

  • Structural Repairs

  • Structural Integrity

  • Condemned Property Revitalization

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